How To Find Your Interior Style

How To Find Your Interior Style

The things we love, the places we’ve been, and the experiences we've had shape us into who we are. Well, we believe that our homes should reflect these things too. Every home has its own personality, and design style and this largely comes from the people who live there.

What makes good interior design style?

For example, have you ever walked into someone’s home and felt instantly at ease? Or perhaps you’ve been inspired by the artwork on the walls or the tiles in the kitchen? All these little things come together to give a property a cohesive style that reflects its occupants and the things they love.

You may have recently bought your first home or taken on your dream home renovation project. Or perhaps you’re still renting and want to know how to put your stamp on the place you call home without making any major changes. So, how do you go about finding your own interior style?

Do Your Research

First things first, read up. magazines, interior design blogs, Pinterest…dive in and start searching for inspiration. We recommend creating a mood board or collection of images that really speak to you. What do they have in common? Is there a recurring colour palette that inspires you? Do you prefer the clean lines of minimalism and mid-century modern, or is bohemian eccentricity more your style? Taking an interior design style quiz can be helpful too.

Once you have decided on the style that best suits you, strip everything back to basics. When planning an interior overhaul, lots of clutter and mess can be really distracting, so try to begin with a neutral base. Once you have decided on the interior style that speaks to you, read on to discover our range of products designed to complement these three main interior styles.


Minimalism is an eternally popular decor style for lovers of luxury contemporary homes. Defined by clean lines, simple colour palettes and very little clutter, minimalism is the perfect decorating style for those who desire a spacious, peaceful and calming environment.

how to find your interior style

To achieve a Minimalist look at home, start with a base palette of neutral colours. Use cushions, vases and rugs to add depth and texture to a space in place of colour. Layer them up for example with the super stylish geometric shapes of the Lima cushion or the deeply textured bobble cushion to add character to a neutrally toned living room. Clean lines of industrial style pieces such as our Workman and Soho pendants are a perfect choice for statement lighting in a contemporary style Minimalist home.

Alternatively all those white walls allow you to really make an impact with some well chosen pieces to add colour into a room. For an instant explosion of colour, scatter our Paddy cushions in one or two sumptuous velvet shades across a neutral-toned sofa. Or how about a Maxwell Fine Limited edition print to create the minimalist feel of a modern art gallery in your own home.

Lima Sienna 60x40 Cushion
Workman Pendant Light Square
Maxwell Fine Sunsets And Magic

Lima - Sienna 60x40 Cushion - £95.00 - (More colours available)
Workman Pendant Light - Square - £510.00 - (More options available)
Maxwell Fine - Sunsets and Magic - £650.00 - (More options available)


More and more homeowners are opting for a decadent combination of jewel tones, sumptuous fabrics and original artwork to adorn their homes in a style reminiscent of the decadence of the 1920s Jazz Age. By choosing rich jewel tones for feature walls and creating interest with different textures, you too can create an intimate home haven to call your own.

How to Find Your Interior Style

The key to maximalism is mixing design elements with an opulent bohemian style. Try layering our glamourous silky Sambala or the playful exotic botanical patterns of the Ardmore cushions with luxurious layers of Aritha velvet cushions across your living room and bedrooms for a pop of colour, and add a cosy vibe with our Lambskin Mongolian throw, which can be thrown over an armchair or used as a rug for the colder months. Create glamourous grown up tablescapes with refined elegant tableware, such as our Emerald dining sets inspired by Art Deco design of the 1920s and our Bicos glassware range in an assortment of rich tones.

The Maximalist decorating is style is not afraid to mix bold colours, textures and eye catching artwork together in abundance in every room. Instagrammer Alex Crabtree's love of Maximalism mixes exuberant animal prints, colourful artworks and an eclectic collection of Objet d'art pieces in her London home. Our vintage Makenge basket is a recent addition to her collection. Invest in some key pieces from our Wall Décor collection alongside decorative objects such as candles, sculptures and vases in varying shapes and sizes to create a collection that resonates with your home style.

Sambala Ocean 50x50 Cushion
Makenge Basket Zambia Red
Emerald 24 Piece Dinner Set

Sambala Moss 50x50 Cushion - £105.00 - (More colours available)
Makenge Basket - Zambia Red - From £65.00 - (More options available)
Emerald Sets - From £800.00 - (More options available)


An easy to achieve home decor style that brings balance and wellbeing to your home. Biophilic interior design incorporates natural elements, such as cotton, wood, wicker and rattan, which connect with our body's innate love of nature and it's ability to soothe our senses to create a homely, welcoming atmosphere for any home. Perfect for those who wish to strip back to basics, creating a rustic biophilic home is incredibly simple and requires little fuss. Start with walls in a simple neutral tone and create interest with natural materials, such as wood and wicker.

How to Find Your Interior Style

For a stunning way to store essentials, opt for a range of woven storage solutions, such as our Bohero range, and create a beautiful gallery wall with our selection of wall basket from Botanical Boys.

For an inviting rustic dinner table, why not create a cosy centrepiece by adding our wooden Carola Candle Holders to a centrepiece of wildflowers and finish it off with our Iris Dinnerware Set? We also love our Mariana Decorative vase in gold – perfect for adding some warm tones to a bedroom or living room.

In biophilic design, textures and feel are as important as colours. Did you know using the principles of biophilic design in your bedroom can also help you sleep better too? Choose natural and neutral bedding such as our Alora set in Chalk. The natural linen fibres help regulate your body temperature to help you sleep better.

Layer our recycled throws and blankets, such as our Linda blanket in blue cotton or Himadrita throw in soft grey for a cosy atmosphere, and use our Lambskin Mongolian throw as a bedside rug.

Finally, complete your hallways or living room with our natural rustic jute woven rugs for a hardwearing yet gentle alternative to traditional rugs.

Carola Candle Holder Beige Recycled Wood
Naturelle Heaton 60x60cm Circle Natural Woven Jute Mat
Iris 90 Piece Dinner Set

Carola Candle Holders

Naturelle Heaton 60x60cm Circle Natural Woven Jute Mat - From £35.99 - (More sizes available)

Iris Dinnerware Set - From £340.00 - (More sets available)

Get Clever with Colour

Are you scared of mixing and matching colours in your home? Here's a simple tip to try. Highlighting a maximum of three shades will help you to keep a running theme throughout your home and minimise the likelihood of clashing colours that don't match. For example, you can choose the same colour as the living room cushions for your kitchen splashback or bathroom towels.

Build Over Time

Now that you have decided which interior style best suits you and your home, you can begin to redecorate! We recommend starting slowly and building your collection over time. Choosing a few key pieces, such as a rug, tableware set or piece of art, will give you a base from which you can expand your collection. Once you have established the basic style of your home, bring in decorative objects and soft furnishings. These items will help you create personality and build a style that truly reflects you. Remember, your home is as unique as you are, so choose items that really speak to you and invest in pieces you are sure you will love for a long time. We believe that every home is a reflection of its occupants, so why not take the time to transform it into a space you really love spending time in?

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