Product & General Enquiries

How do I place an order?

Once you’ve found a product you’d like to buy, simply click the ‘Add To Your Basket’ button on the product page or as you browsing through each category. When you have finished adding items to your basket click on the shopping bag icon at the top of the screen. This opens a pop-up window where you can choose to click 'Go to Checkout' or 'View and Edit Basket'.

Go to Checkout
When you click 'Go to Checkout' you are taken straight to the checkout page. If you have an account but have not logged in yet you will be prompted to log in. Alternatively, you can proceed as a guest. You will be given the option of creating an account at the end of the checkout process. You will also be able to subscribe to receive fantastic deals and promotions.

The simple checkout process takes you through entering your shipping address, your choice of shipping method, then your payment method. You can choose to pay by card or Google Pay. Once you have chosen your method of payment and entered your card details you'll be asked to confirm your billing address and review your order. Please note - It is your responsibility to make sure you enter your address correctly. Then just click 'Place Order'.

Once you’ve paid, that’s it! We’ll confirm your order via email and let you know when the Seller has despatched your items. So just sit back, relax and wait for your order to arrive. Don’t forget to review us and let others know you enjoyed your shopping experience!

I have a question about a product - who do I ask?

We always recommend contacting the Seller with any questions about products. They’re the ones who know their products best.

There are several simple ways for you to contact our Sellers. Check out our FAQ - How do I contact the Seller?

My order was cancelled due to being out of stock but I can see it’s in stock on your website - why is this?

It rarely happens, but sometimes our Sellers may not have recently updated their stock levels on our website. On these occasions, they may have to cancel your order.

How do I find out the warranty information before I buy?

To find out if a warranty is available for the item you are interested in, you should contact the Seller. Check out the FAQ - How do I contact the Seller, to find out how.

How can I contact Betiko Living?

We can help you with questions about your BETIKO LIVING account, our website, the ordering, or the payment process. Please reach out to us via our Contact Us page or email For all questions about products, pricing, stock levels, shipments, cancellations and returns it is better to contact the Seller directly. They will be able to advise you best. To find out how, go to the FAQ - How do I contact the Seller?

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